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1152. Richard HUDSON Jr. was born about 1634 in Accomac Co., VA. She on 25 Oct 1669 in Roxdale,Henrico Co., VA. In Richard's Will he names his three sons, who inherited the Hudson plantation, She died in Henrico Co., VA.. She was married to Mary BOWMAN about 1658 in Henrico Co., VA..

1153. Mary BOWMAN was born about 1638 in ENG. He died after 1688. Children were:

child i. Richard HUDSON III was born in 1660 in Henrico Co., VA.. Richard, a progenitor of "Hundson of Amelia Co.,VA" he sold his share in the Hudson plantation to his brother Robert in 1688.

Information on children of this marriage came from the Hudson Web-Page on the Internet.
child576 ii. Robert HUDSON I.
child iii. William HUDSON was born in Aug 1668 in Henrico Co., VA.. He died in 1701 in VA. He died about 1701 in Chesterfield Co., VA. William, first of the "Hudsons of Hanover Co.,VA"

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