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Ancestors of Esther Jane BLAIR

Ancestors of Esther Jane Blair

Our family has grown like an old oak's branches stretching to the sky like a mother's arms reaching for her babies. The 32 year marriage of Harold Pittman Radcliffe and Esther Jane Blair has been blessed with one son, Duane Anthony Radcliffe. Duane and his wife Julie Theresa Ferreira, have given joy in our life with their two sons, Zachary Duane and Bryce Anthony.

Each letter of every word on the following ancestry pages has been entered with love by their "Grammy" to form the memories and stories of those who have passed before them. Just like the pieces of wood that Harold has fashioned into a glider chair for Zachary, a rocking horse for Bryce, we have blended together our Portuguese, Scotch, Irish, French, English and Cherokee Indian into their Blair and Radcliffe Ancestry.

We hope they will someday enjoy the stories which tell about their ancestors and how they came to live in America from countries all over the world.

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Ancestors of Esther Jane BLAIR

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