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22. Michael J. BURK was born about 1842 in CAN ?. He was married to Margaret E. MEACHAM on 4 Mar 1867 in Henderson Co., IL.

23. Margaret E. MEACHAM was born on 14 Apr 1842 in Warren Co., IL ?. Children were:

child11 i. Emma Jane BURK.
child ii. Otto BURK was born in 1869 in Mercer Co., IL. He died.
child iii. Minnie Rose BURK was born in 1873 in Warren Co., IL.
child iv. Milton BURK was born on 24 Feb 1874 in IL. He died on 31 May 1924 in Kearney,Buffalo Co., NE. He was a Coal Minner.
child v. Monroe BURK was born on 18 Jan 1875 in IL.
child vi. Rollond BURK was born on 18 Jan 1877 in IL.

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