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38. John GOODIN Sr. was born in 1800 in Hawkins Co.,TN. He died in Russell Co., KY ?. He was married to Sallie (Sarah) MONTGOMERY in 1823 in TN.

39. Sallie (Sarah) MONTGOMERY was born in 1805 in Russell Co., KY. She died after 1860 in KY. Children were:

child i. William GOODIN was born on 28 Jan 1824 in TN. He died on 7 Apr 1914 in Elkhorn, KY Taylor Co..
child ii. Rebecca GOODIN was born in 1825 in Hawkins Co.,TN.
child iii. Clement (Clem) GOODIN was born in 1826 in Hawkins Co.,TN.
child iv. Amos B. GOODIN was born in 1827 in Hawkins Co.,TN.
child v. Mary Jane GOODIN was born in 1828 in Hawkins Co.,TN.
child vi. John GOODIN Jr. was born in 1829 in Hawkins Co., TN. He died on 24 Dec 1896 in Adair Co., KY.
child vii. Winniford (Winnie) GOODIN was born in 1830 in Hawkins Co.,TN.
child viii. Catherine GOODIN was born in 1833 in KY.
child ix. Hetty\Hettie GOODIN was born in 1836 in KY. She died in KY.
child x. Meilly GOODIN was born in 1836 in KY.
child xi. Henderson (Henry) GOODIN was born in 1838 in Adair Co., KY. He died in Oct 1876 in Adair Co., KY. He was buried Bearwalla Cemetery in Adair Co., KY.
child19 xii. Sarah (Sally) GOODIN.
child xiii. George Pleasant GOODIN was born in 1842 in KY. He died about 1932 in KY.
child xiv. Lovatt (Lovett) GOODIN was born in 1846 in Adair Co., KY. He died in KY ?.
child xv. Charles Clayton GOODIN Sr. was born on 1 Apr 1858. He died on 3 Mar 1940 in Adair Co., KY.

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