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4128. William MORGAN Sir was born about 1530 in Of Llantarum, M, ENG. He died on 29 Mar 1592. William purchased the grange of Ceven Vybeche and Llantarname Abbey in 1553. William, was sheriff, 1568: M.P. ofr county 1571. William created first Baronet of Llantarnam,Wales.
Info from the Internet Family of Sarsh Morgan, Daniel Boone's Mother Url 10 Sep 1997.

Sir William Morgan of Pencoyd (modern Pencoed) was knighted by King Henry VIII some time before 1519. His second son was John Morgan of Caerleon who married Elizabeth, daughter of --- Lewis of the Van. His second wife was Janet, daughter of David Morgan of Brecon.

According to an informant, this man's great, great grandson was the father of Daniel Boone's mother. We are interested to hear more about this association and will update this page as more information comes to light. Infomation from Internet sit of the Pencoed Castle: 10 Sep 1997 He was married to Frances SOMEREST Lady about 1560.

4129. Frances SOMEREST Lady was born in 1535 in Of,W, ENG. Lady Frances was from Llantarnam. Info from Morgan Family Page Internet Children were:

child2064 i. Edward MORGAN Sir (1st Baronette Llantaman).

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