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516. Edward MORGAN was born between 1670 and 1675 in Phil.,Phil., PA. He died in 1736 in Gwynedd, Phil., PA. He was Welsh Quaker. He was married to Elizabeth JARMAN in 1694 in PA.

517. Elizabeth JARMAN. Children were:

child i. Morgan MORGAN died in 1727 in PA.
child ii. Elizabeth MORGAN.
child iii. Margaret MORGAN was born in 1693 in PA. She died in 1750.
child iv. Daniel MORGAN was born in 1691 in PA. He died in 1773 in PA.
child v. Sarah MORGAN was born about 1700. She died in 1777 in NC. She was Quaker.
child vi. William MORGAN died before Jul 1741.
child258 vii. John MORGAN.
child viii. Edward MORGAN.
child ix. Alice MORGAN.
child x. Deborah MORGAN died in 1699.
child xi. Mary MORGAN died before 1755.
child xii. Joseph MORGAN.

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